Turkish University Offers Scholarships for Pakistani Students 2024.

Turkish University Offers Scholarships for Pakistani Students 2024.
  • May 13, 2024
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The Ankara-based TED University has announced scholarships for admission in different undergraduate and graduate programs for the Fall 2024 semester, representing a substantial opportunity for Pakistani students hoping to study abroad. The program intends to make it easier for Pakistani students to pursue a high-quality education in Turkey. It was unveiled on Sunday at a Devcom-Pakistan webinar.

According to the international programs office of TED University, Pakistani applicants will be eligible for scholarships anywhere from 25% to 100%, contingent upon their academic performance and other qualifications. Notably, the admissions procedure will be streamlined since candidates won't need to take the GRE or English language competency exams.

Can Öney, of the International Programs Office, emphasized that TED University is one of the best educational institutions in Ankara, with a strong faculty dedicated to helping students succeed academically. The institution provides a range of facilities that include amenities for recreation, healthcare, and education.

Numerous subjects, including architecture, psychology, business administration, engineering, and education, are covered by the undergraduate degrees that are offered. Similarly, chances in specialist fields including engineering management, economics, migration studies, and applied data science are provided by the graduate programs.

TED University has about 5,000 students enrolled right now, with a good faculty-to-student ratio of 24:1, which allows for individualized attention and mentoring. Additionally, the university's directorate of research, technology, and innovation provides students with access to industry collaborations and research possibilities.

Head of the International Student Community, Haares Munir, emphasized TED University's friendly and encouraging atmosphere. Munir emphasized the value of the university's leadership development programs and outdoor education excursions.

Devcom-Pakistan Executive Director Munir Ahmed noted the historical connections between Pakistan and Turkey and underlined the significance of promoting stronger bilateral relationships through partnerships in the arts and sciences and educational exchanges. In order to capitalize on their shared advantages and broaden their understanding, he promoted improved relations between the two countries.

TED University's Head of International Programs Office, Levent Ocal, thanked Pakistani families for entrusting Turkey with their children's education. Ocal reiterated Turkey's dedication to accepting Pakistani students and promoting a spirit of fraternity between the two nations.

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