Education and Education System are two Separate Entities.

Education and Education System are two Separate Entities.
  • June 5, 2024
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Nowadays, whenever a discussion is started regarding education, the conversation ends with the quality of education, and everyone agrees that the quality of education is declining day by day. In this regard, the accused are sometimes the educational strategy of the government, sometimes the method of education, sometimes the parents, and sometimes the teachers. 

If the compositional components of education and the education system are seen separately, it is found that education and the education system are actually two separate but interrelated processes. Education, with which the word training is often used (i.e., education and training), revolves around parents, teachers, and educational institutions. The education system is made up of the government, educational strategy, and teachers, so it would not be wrong to say that these factors are also the reason for the rise and fall of the quality of education.

Teachers are a common part of both education and the education system, so no one should hesitate to believe that teachers play the most effective and important role in whether the quality of education is good or bad. No matter what the educational strategy is, no matter what the education system is, it has to be applied by the teachers. The student has no direct relationship with the education system or with the educational strategy; the education reaches him only through the teachers. That's why the quality of education is the most dependent on the teachers.

We can divide the education system in Pakistan into three stages. First, schools; second, colleges; and third, universities. The teacher-student relationship is established from the first stage, i.e., school, which gradually becomes more important. A student coming to school is young, and his understanding is immature, but his capacity to learn and accept influences is definitely high, so the role of teachers is most critical and effective at this time. They are responsible not only for education but also for training.

It is unfortunate for our students that at the initial stage they do not get the education and guidance that can shape their mental development, guide their character and career on the right lines and make them a useful and capable personality. The reason for this is not only the lack of schools; because there are a good number of government and non-government schools on the doorstep, it is felt that the behavior of the teachers is not what it should be or what their position requires. 

Job security in government schools seems to make them careless rather than diligent. It is true that the facilities available to civil servants in other institutions are lacking. But this does not mean that they should take classes without any interest or sincerity in a manner instead of doing their basic duties properly and thinking that the salary they get is what they deserve.

In non-government schools, because there is no job security and often young boys and girls also take part-time jobs in these institutions, there is more irresponsible and unprofessional behavior. Another important problem is that teachers today consider it their duty to fulfill the proposed curriculum in one way or another, while the age at which the student is in school means he wants to know more about it. 

The limited knowledge of textbooks often does not satisfy him, but teachers do not have time to guide him properly in this regard. By passing the level exams, he increases, but neither his personal knowledge nor  his mind capacity.

So it is the duty of a teacher to go beyond and ignite creativity and passion for learning in students. A passionate and curious learner will be tomorrow's leader in science and technology.

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