Department of History and Careers in Pakistan.

Department of History and Careers in Pakistan.
  • February 13, 2024
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History is one of the important sciences in the social sciences, along with economics, pedagogy, international relations, political science, Pakistan studies, psychology, and sociology, and its importance is not less than that of other sciences.

The word history comes from the greek language, which means to write a day. History is a mirror of the individual and collective actions of a comprehensive human being. History conveys the many experiences of past generations in various fields of human life to future generations, so that the caravan of human civilization continues. Its biggest advantage is that, through it, individuals and the nation can adapt their present, according to their wishes by taking a critical look at their past and undone actions.

History is actually not the name of some anecdotes; it encompasses the events of centuries. History is a mirror of the culture and civilization of different languages and countries. It consists of the deeds of kings, emperors, and conquerors. Since the human population was short and limited in the early period, human society was mostly formed on a family or tribal basis during this period. Only the eldest member of the family or clan had the status of chief, and he was the master of all matters.

Historians get their information from a variety of sources, including old manuscripts, testimonies, and archeological research. However, different sources of information have been given importance in different periods.

History has taken many forms since its inception. Starting with anecdotes, today history has reached the point that it can be called the living soul of all human sciences, because if any event occurs in the field of human society, it is somehow related to yesterday's or past history. Therefore, it will not be out of place to say that history is everything, and everything is history.

Duties of the Historian

It is important for a historian not to be a mere copyist but to know all the sciences related to history. He should know well what the rules of governance and politics are. What is the temperament of different nations? Why are the corners of time and space affected? What are the differences and limits of differences in different religions, and where do they connect? Thus, knowing what is present, what are the similarities between it and the past, and what are the differences? So that what is present can be interpreted in accordance with and similar to many past blurs.

Responsibilities of the Historian

Although history mentions specific people of any era, details of specific events and major incidents are given; however, all the conditions of the time, geography, and details can be of such a nature that they can be explained. Therefore, a researcher should not ignore these conditions and step forward in their light; otherwise, there is a strong fear of slippage.

Therefore, a historian has to take care of what changes happen in the nation due to the change of a particular government and which laws, nicknames, and terms have been subject to change. If these requirements are not observed in the presentation of historical events and are not investigated in light of these principles, there is a possibility of entanglement in errors and the presentation of untrue and unreasonable fictions.

Obtaining a Degree

In some universities, the Department of History has been merged with Pakistan Studies, where BA, MA, and MPhil programs are offered in the Department of History and Pakistan Studies, and students are provided with audio-visual aids, debates, discussions, etc. during the semester. Fieldwork, library classes, interactive discussions, articles, and commentaries are provided. A comprehensive and integrated system of syllabuses, examinations, presentations, assignments, and research papers is designed to assess the performance of the students, which every student is required to follow.

Career opportunities in Pakistan

There are job opportunities for students  with a degree in history and Pakistan Studies in many government and non-government sectors of Pakistan, such as universities, colleges, civil services, research institutes, print and electronic media, development departments, museums, historical departments of administration of places, departments of administrative affairs, private and local government institutions, etc. Apart from these, university graduates can become successful TV, radio, and stage hosts and also be appointed as producers.

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