PM Laptop Scheme Phase IV 2024: Are You Eligible?

PM Laptop Scheme Phase IV 2024: Are You Eligible?
  • May 27, 2024
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Shehbaz Sharif, the prime minister, has chosen to revive the PM Laptop Scheme. He has given the Higher Education Commission (HEC) the go-ahead to start buying computers. The official registration procedure will start as soon as HEC finishes the purchase. This page contains information about the laptop scheme's eligibility requirements, registration process, start date, and other key elements. 

Phase IV of the PM Laptop Scheme

The goal of resuming the laptop program is to improve Pakistani science and technology education. This effort also seeks to leverage IT to its fullest capacity. By giving students laptops, we can lower Pakistan's poverty rate by enabling them to develop online jobs from the comfort of their homes.

How can I apply for Phase IV of the PM Laptop Scheme?

Phase IV of the PM Laptop Scheme registration is still in the works. As directed by the Pakistani Prime Minister, the Higher Education Commission (HEC) is currently in the process of buying computers. After the HEC has finished purchasing laptops, the registration process will formally start.

There is still no official date established for the registration process to begin. It is anticipated, meanwhile, that the laptop program's official registration period will open in the upcoming month. As soon as it begins, prospective students from all throughout the nation can finish registering by going to, the official website of the Government of Pakistan. 

Universities Eligible for Phase IV of the PM Laptop Scheme

Students must be enrolled in a public-sector institution or its sub-campus that has received approval from the HEC in order to be eligible to apply for the laptop plan in 2024. For your information, a list of accredited universities is provided below.

Phase IV Eligibility Standards for the PM Laptop Scheme

  • Students have to be Pakistani citizens.
  • Students need to have a current identity card issued by Pakistan.
  • Enrollment at public-sector universities or degree-granting establishments with HEC approval is mandatory.
  • Students have to be enrolled in a HEC-accredited institution and pursue a PhD, MS, MPhil, or comparable 18-year degree.
  • Whether in morning or evening sessions, male and female students must be enrolled in four- or five-year bachelor's degree programs at HEC-approved universities.
  • Additionally qualified are students enrolling in MBA programs.

For whom is the PM Laptop Scheme Phase IV ineligible?

Under this program, the following students—both male and female—will not be eligible for laptops:

  • Students who live outside of Pakistan in any nation.
  • Students who do not possess a current identity card issued by Pakistan.
  • Students who do not submit the necessary academic records for validation.
  • Pupils who were given laptops throughout previous laptop program phases.
  • Students enrolled in postgraduate programs, linked colleges, or government degree programs.
  • Pupils who did not complete their online laptop application.
  • Students who, at the time of laptop delivery, had finished their degree program.
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