Misuse of Artificial Intelligence and the Need for a Strict Code of Conduct.

Misuse of Artificial Intelligence and the Need for a Strict Code of Conduct.
  • April 26, 2024
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Artificial intelligence has been created as a result of the quick advancements in computer technology. The state should govern its usage and limit it to purposes such as scientific research, education, medicine, exploration, motivation, and crime prevention. Adopting and enforcing strict laws is necessary to stop its misuse and abuse. If this isn't done, there may be such a threat to national security and state sovereignty as anarchy, unrest, the rise of extremism and terrorism, sectarian and ethnic conflict, etc.

An exemplary instance of this may be seen in the recent release, during the general election campaign of Indian politician Edappadi K, GS of AIADM, of an AI-generated speech by the legendary former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Miss Jayaram Jayalalitha, who passed away in 2016 on the 76th anniversary of her birth. The AI clip served as a call to action for people to back him. Modi's BJP has been disseminating these AI-generated messages to stir up anti-Muslim prejudice in India. In Manipur, this was also employed against the Christians. AI is being used by Israel to further its Greater Israel mission and legitimise the carnage in Gaza.

These artificial intelligence (AI)-generated videos are widely shared. Such miscreants cannot be allowed to propagate false information throughout Pakistan. Those who assist in the dissemination of false information through artificial intelligence must be held accountable and face immediate punitive action. If the government does not take action against everyone engaged in these immoral activities, the harm to this nation will be enormous. Like all other fundamental rights, freedom of expression is subject to national laws and is not unassailable. This right cannot be exploited to incite turmoil or endanger the lives of defenceless people. Artificial intelligence (AI)-generated videos are used for extortion, particularly against women, and to create child pornographic films and character assassinations of people.

AI is also capable of social engineering, a technique by which chatbots or voice assistants with AI capabilities get login credentials or personal information by tricking or manipulating users. Another potential misuse of AI is speech synthesis or voice cloning, which imitates a person's voice. This is especially true when combined with social engineering techniques. 

The possibility of misuse of AI also includes the creation of increasingly complex malware and attack methods, data forgeries and manipulation, automated social media manipulation, sophisticated fraud schemes, and manipulation of drone or autonomous car navigation systems.

AI use brings up ethical issues as well; therefore, it's critical to make sure AI is applied sensibly and ethically. In order to ensure ethical AI development, regulatory frameworks should be updated, and AI developers have an ethical duty to be open and share knowledge. It is imperative to address the potential misuses of AI in order to avert identity theft, financial loss, and invasion of privacy.

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